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TThis Ain't California Winner at Film Festival


"This Ain't California" video wins Best Country Song and Best Country Music Video in the 2012 Lucerne International Film Festival. Directed by Tonia Pound, “This Ain’t California” is the encouraging response of a boyfriend living in Tennessee to his homesick girlfriend who’s having doubts about pursuing her dream in Hollywood. “I wanted this piece to be more than a music video. I wanted it to be an expression of art,” states Pound.


Shot from the point-of-view of the boyfriend, Pound incorporated postcards of California with images of him working on a farm. These postcards accentuated the loneliness and isolation the girlfriend is feeling in Hollywood while visually capturing and asserting that ‘this ain’t California.’ In addition, they symbolized how she’s constantly on his mind while he continues his daily life. Michael comments, “For my first full-production video, it exceeded my expectations greatly. It was a lot of fun. I was thrilled and amazed by the final product.”


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